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About Christopher

Hiya! I'm a senior at Columbia University pursuing my second BA degree in Computer Science. Prior to my studies in CS, I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Political Science from Boston College, magna cum laude, and worked in the field of property and health care law for four years. Interests include python, AWS/Cloud Computing, the history of computing and the perils and joys of employment as a Software Dev. Beyond tech, I'm obsessed with Bach, Tolstoy, Dungeons & Dragons, Stoicism, and finding new things to spread nutella on.

I was also once an Executive Committee Member for ADI, the largest tech organization at Columbia University. In 2019 I served as lead organizer of DevFest, a festival of learning and hacking that spanned 6 of the most stressful and joyous days of my life. Check us out here.